28 January 2013

Momo Tea

Today we both started the first of our long list of subs for the next few weeks. Three teachers have just taken a month long vacation and since Rick and I both only have one day of regular classes, we have been given a lot of subs. Today I was at Nan-Kan and it worked out perfectly that Sam (one of our dormmates) was going there for the exact same time so he gave me a ride on his scooter.

We went early and I needed my daily fix of bubble tea. Sam went and got me this pancake flake filled with egg which was amazing but a tad peppery and, little did I know, he was meeting a girl at the tea shop for a semi-date haha I felt so bad and like I was intruding/I didn't want her to think of me and Sam as a thing or anything so as soon as he arrived, I got outta there haha but the bubble tea and food were worth my awkwardness! Sam assured me I wasn't intruding but I didn't wanna ruin his chances haha I would be the best wingman.

My first of three subs for this class went well! I loved my co-teacher Melody, she was so nice and SO helpful! The kids were pretty cute and fun too, but shy, either way, I am excited for next weeks class. I have subs literally every day this week except for the day of my regular class and then I also got a chatroom on Saturday. Its a one hour class with a variety of different level students and I teach it alone, NO CO TEACHER. I am nervous and its only Monday!

Off to make rice before Rick gets home and gets upset about no food!

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