18 December 2013

Koh Phi Phi: Part Two

We had one full day and one half day left at Koh Phi Phi and we hadn't done the viewpoint yet so off we went. First, I headed to breakfast while Rick figured out the room situation. It didn't take long, the staff there was so nice. They apologized profusely and switched our room right away. I was exponentially happier! Before the room switch, I was feeling pretty upset and just wanted to leave but that definitely made things better.

Happy to be in our new room

We decided to spend the morning snorkeling and swimming at our resort's beach since it would be our last chance to do so. After spending a few hours swimming and relaxing, we took the afternoon taxi boat into the main village for lunch and the hike.

Hanging out on the swing at our resort

We ended up going for Mexican food at Banana bar, a bar we had went to before that sold buckets buy one get one free and the food was great. It was really good food and they gave us a discount because we liked their facebook page while we were there. After lunch, we were off to the viewpoint.

We had talked about hiking the viewpoint from when we first got to Koh Phi Phi because our beach and the main island are connected via the viewpoint but that hike turned out to be not my thing haha too much jungle for me. So we went to the main area and did the smaller hike from there. The hike was hard.. so many steep stairs but it was totally worth it when we got to the top. There were two different viewpoints and they were both beautiful. 

On the way

Viewpoint One

The view from viewpoint one

More hiking to viewpoint two.. 5 minute walk.. liars

On the way


10 Baht for the toilet please

After the viewpoint, we did some more souvenir shopping and then relaxed at a restaurant which was playing the Friends DVD . Then it was back to our resort.  We spent the night there going for dinner and relaxing. The next day we left Koh Phi Phi at 10AM to head back to Krabi for a flight to Bangkok for a few more days. Our hotel in Bangkok was supposed to be our nicest one yet but we were in for a big surprise.

We were joined at the last supper by stray cats

Saying goodbye to our resort during our last breakfast

Goodbye Rantee Beach

Goodbye hammock

While in Koh Phi Phi, we stayed at Rantee Cliff Beach Resort. I would definitely recommend this resort to anyone who is not interested in the crazy partying that goes on in Koh Phi Phi. The rooms have an amazing view and the staff are very helpful in all aspects. But, like I said, you are not on the main village so if that is where you want to be, it can be difficult and expensive to get back from there very late. We weren't really interested in getting drunk so it was perfect for us. 

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