24 December 2013

Happy Birthday to Rick

On the actual day of his birthday (November 29th), I had one of my coteachers help me to find an ice cream cake for him. That is his favorite kind of cake, he always gets one from Dairy Queen for his birthday so I tried to recreate that for him. The Taiwanese version of an ice cream cake was very different though. It was literally just a big circular block of ice cream. It is the thought that counts.. right? Right?

Anyway! On the weekend, we had a birthday party for him at a bar with a bunch of our friends and coteachers. Rick had a great time and really felt like it was his birthday. The bar was nice. There were literally only two other people in the bar who weren't there for Rick's birthday. So the owner just kept giving Rick free drinks the whole night.

The next day, Rick and I went hiking on Elephant Mountain in Taipei. This mountain has always been available to hike in Taipei but recently, they connected the MRT to the area which makes it so much more accessible. The view was amazing. We had a lot of fun while hiking there. The many many stairs were kind of killing me though.. maybe I should start to work out. I may be skinny but I am not in good shape. Rick found a lookout which was off the trail and terrified me to walk to. I powered through the huge grass, my fear of bugs and my fear of snakes and made it there. It was a nice view but the entire time all I could think of was that I had to walk back through the forest I came in through... I made it out alive.

Rick's favorite food is Indian food which is something he doesn't get a lot of in Taiwan. I had looked into an Indian restaurant in Taipei called Ali Baba's Indian Kitchen. I had seen on a food blog that they have a great Indian buffet which was exactly what Rick wanted. When we got there, we found out that the buffet was only for lunch time so we ordered from the menu. The food was amazing, but obviously spicy which was a struggle for me but Rick really enjoyed his birthday dinner. 

Then when Rick's birthday celebrations were finished, we could get started on Christmas!

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