5 February 2013

Gloria Banquet

During the day on Sunday, everyone relaxed after going out the night before to celebrate Zach's birthday. I spent the majority of my day reading and watching Big Love. Big Love is an amazing show which I just recently started watching and I can't stop. After we all relaxed all day, it was chaos with everyone trying to get ready in time for the banquet. Gloria apparently has this banquet every year before Chinese New Year to thank all the teachers for their hard work.

We made it just in time to get raffle tickets and to get the last seats at a table. Apparently if you were late, you wouldn't get a raffle ticket and too many people showed up so they had to open up another room with four lonely tables in it who were watching our room on a video feed. I was glad to be in the big room.

The Banquet was a lot of fun. I was so nervous about the food because I had heard horror stories about previous years but I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot of it and it just kept coming. They held a raffle for probably over 25 prizes and Rick was one of the winners!! 1000NT for a big department store that is in downtown Taoyuan, we're gonna go check it out during our break for CNY. We decided not to go to the after party that all the teachers were going to at a bar downtown called Monster. I was way too tired from Zach's birthday the night before.

I don't understand how I used to go out two, or sometimes even three, nights in a row. It is way too tiring. Maybe this means I'm getting old, or just boring. Either way, I like my sleep and I like waking up at a decent time so I don't waste my day away. I can't decide if that is old or boring. Maybe I'm just growing up.

Chicken soup anyone?

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