23 February 2013

Day one in Taipei

So let's all pretend I wasn't the worst blogger in the world and I wrote about this trip as it happened okay.. okay good!

So we made the journey from Taoyuan City to Taipei, we got to sit most of the way, and bringing my new small suitcase was definitely a good idea rather than bringing a backpack! On our flights to Taiwan, I was constantly jealous at every airport of the people who brought a small suitcase as their carry-on so I decided to join them.

Finally we arrive at our place we booked through Air BnB and we loved it. Our host was awesome and it was pretty much exactly like a hotel. Much to our surprise, and pleasure, we found out there was a huge night market very close to where we are staying. Since we didn't arrive till later, our first night we stayed close to our place and just visited the night market. Which we would continue to do almost every night of our stay haha

The start of our journey

Pretty excited to be in Taipei, even if he was sick

Raohe St. Night Market

My new favourite dessert

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