17 April 2013

Back to Normal Life

And by that, I mean Melissa getting two more regular classes, a very busy week of working, oh and WINNING A TABLET. After a busy week of new regular classes, and lots of subbing, we decided to go to the movies on Saturday night.

We ended up going a lot later than planned because Rick had a test that went over. So we had to buy tickets for a later show and had two hours to spare. We decided to spend those two hours at the arcade. 10 minutes and 70NT (just over $3 CAD) later, Rick won a tablet. It was so exciting, I actually screamed in the arcade haha. It's not the best tablet in the world but you can only ask for so much when you pay practically nothing for it. 

Back to real life. No more vacation until June when my parents come to visit. Time to save our money until then.

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