3 November 2013

Thailand... Six Hours till Takeoff

I just finished packing our suitcase and decided to take a break before I pack my carry-on. Our flight to Bangkok takes off at 4:30 and arrives at 7:20. We will be staying in Bangkok for one night before heading to Chiang Mai for three days for elephants, ziplining and more. Then we are headed to Koh Phangan for the Half Moon Party. After that, Ko Phi Phi for four days of relaxation, beaches, scuba diving (for Rick), and monkeys! Then back to Bangkok for a few more days before we come back to Taiwan.

Getting super excited! All of our confirmations are printed out and ready to go. Suitcase is packed. It was really hard fitting two weeks into one little suitcase (FOR TWO PEOPLE) but I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself.  We didn't want to bring too big of a suitcase because of all the travelling we are doing so one little one it is.

Atlas is staying at a friend's house. It is kind of sad how much I am going to miss him.... :(


Thailand. Two Weeks. I'll try to update as we go whenever I have time and/or WiFi. We both really needed this vacation to recharge us for working six days a week. By the time we get back, only two and a half months to go on our contract!!!!!!!!!!

Off we go, gooooood bye!

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