14 October 2013

Day Four HK: Exploring during Typhoon Usagi

On our fourth day, Typhoon Usagi had hit Hong Kong... in the form of rain and wind. We decided since we will probably never be in Hong Kong again, we started our day in the rain! We had visited the Goldfish Market once already but it was late and a lot of the stalls were closed so we wanted to check it out when it was in full swing.

We spent over an hour just walking the streets of the Goldfish Market and checking out all the cool fish. They had so many different kinds of exotic fish there and for not that expensive. While there, Rick and I decided that we want to have a salt-water fish tank in our future house. Some of the tanks were just so pretty. We'll worry about the cost of these fish tanks later.

These fish were really cool! They all had these little spikes for fighting but the fish store had put foam blocks on them so they couldn't fight each other. The result was fish that couldn't swim, they could only float

Next we went to the Bird Market. It was super rainy at this point so there weren't a lot of birds out but we were able to see a couple cool things. Rick really enjoyed the crickets that were in bags for the birds to eat. We were really sad about the rain while we were there because a lot of the birds that would normally be out were inside.

Rick enjoying the birds that were out

Rain rain go away

By this point, we were hungry so we went into our guidebook for a restaurant recommendation. We found one for a great soup restaurant so we headed that way. This time, we weren't disappointed with the food. The prices were reasonable and the soups we ordered were really good. Score one for Hong Kong.

Happy to eat some good food!

Next we went to the Hong Kong Museum of Art. When we first planned our Hong Kong trip, we didn't want to go to any museums but we changed our minds due to the rain. The Museum of Art was really cool. We weren't allowed to take pictures of most things but the things we were allowed to take pictures of, we definitely did.

Rick enjoying the view

Bok bok bok

Ever since inside of a rabbit?

They have a cool section at the museum where you are supposed to be a pioneer. You're asked a series of questions and at the end, you tally your score to find out what kind of personality you have. Rick was "Romantic" and I was "Sensible." ... Who would've thought? Now it is clear who has the brains of this operation :)

Sensible, clearly!


After the museum, it was back onto the Star Ferry because I was very worried about the typhoon. If the typhoon gets to a certain level, Hong Kong shuts down the MTR and we would have no way back to our hostel. So back to Hong Kong Island and we stopped by the Bank of China Tower on the way. They have an observation deck there that is free. But, by the time we got there, it was closed due to the holiday. And the men there told us the typhoon was now at a Level 8! This meant they could now close the public transportation with no notice whatsoever. We booked it back to the MTR and made it back to our hostel safely!

Storm signal 8!!!

Preparing for the typhoon!

Once we had internet again, I checked the status of our flight. It was supposed to leave the next day at 9AM but it had been cancelled. We spent all night on the phone with Expedia (worst customer service ever, I will never book with them again) trying to get some answers. Originally we called the airline and they said because we booked with Expedia, they couldn't help us. The man I first spoke to told me that he didn't think a flight would be available until WEDNESDAY. As this was Sunday night, I was freaking out. Finally, we called Expedia again in the morning and they told me to just go to the airport. Thanks for all the help. 

We were put on hold... a lot..

We made it back to Taiwan but we had to miss our classes. I felt really bad for my co-teachers but there was nothing else we could do.

Happy to finally be on a plane!

And that ended our vacation in Hong Kong! Next vacation: Thailand!

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