10 June 2013

Four Days

Until my parents arrive in Taiwan! They arrive here on Thursday night! The school I teach at on Thursdays is closer to the airport than Rick's school so I am going to meet them at the airport alone while Rick goes home and waits for us.

We've got some pretty exciting stuff planned for while they're here. We're headed to Green Island for three days, a bunch of day trips to Taipei, Formosa Fun Coast (water park), and we're going to try to do a day trip to Sun Moon Lake. I had a lot more in mind but my parents told me they didn't want a trip where they were always moving, they wanted it to be more relaxing.

My mother told me she'd be happy just sitting with me in my apartment for two weeks haha. I'm pretty excited to see them! It is going to be so weird to go from seeing them on Skype every day to seeing them in real life every day. I can't imagine how hard it is going to be to say goodbye to them when it's time for them to go. But let's not think about that for another two weeks!

Anyway, we have this Wednesday off school for Dragon Boat Festival. Rick and I weren't planning on doing anything since my parents arrive the next day and we will be doing a lot then so our friends, Carly and Jason, asked us to watch their dog for the day, Pudding. I am so excited. I'm hoping that babysitting this dog will convince Rick that it's a great idea to get a dog. Cross your fingers!

See you soon mom and dad!

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